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I am going to publish on this blog everything that comes to me via internet, regular mail or mouth to mouth. I may use a picture or a post that the original author will not like me to publish, please, I ask you respectfully, take it out, erase it or tell me inmediately to do so, I will do it without questions or delay. It is not my intention to ubduct any material from anybody, I simply wish to tell the world of the atrocities against children, my purpose is to open the eyes of many to that situation. As I am not able to take my own pictures on the matter for obvious reasons, I borrow everybody elses. So you will see pictures and articles taken from Google, sent to me by email or taken out from a newspaper.

A blog to make humans be "humans" and face the fact that our children throughout the planet are been abused, slaved, killed, and terroriced every day with impunity under the eyes of millions.

Hey you! give me my smile back

Hey you! give me my smile back

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Truth

Looking for food.............scraping through filth...

There are millions of infants around the world suffering poverty, abuse and slavery. The heroic groups that are trying to help them are overwhelmed by the rest who do not bother. This is the future we are building, like bricks, one by one, we cover our eyes, we turn away, we ignore it and so it grows high, a tower of indifference, a situation we think is never going to touch us directly. Poor you, poor me, poor us, tomorrow, when our rich happy children who grew under our kind protection, blind to the horror, safe under cotton sheets and warm blankets will ask themselves why some men are cruel, are killers, men and women angry at the world. Terrible thing, somebody will have to explain that all those who made it to manhood despite the slavery, the abuses and the suffering during their childhood have scars on their skin to remember and still bleeding cars on their souls that will not let them forget. Who will condemn them? Who will dare to judge them if they turn on the lucky ones?
The future is made in the present, our indifference today could be our sorrow tomorrow, our eyes looking away from the cruel present might be crying tomorrow of desperation. It is pathetic how some people can live without seeing reallity, walking through life jumping over every drama, every disgrace, and believing they are never going to be touched by them.
This blog is never going to be nice to visit, it's goal is to move consciences, to shake hearts, to try to bring people down to earth, to the everyday sad and terrible truth.
Forgive me for worrying you about things you prefer to ignore, forgive me for showing the truth in pictures so shocking, forgive me for introducing you to a world of misery, for upsetting you.
Please listen to my call, let the kind and caring feelings come forth, HELP OUR CHILDREN.

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