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I am going to publish on this blog everything that comes to me via internet, regular mail or mouth to mouth. I may use a picture or a post that the original author will not like me to publish, please, I ask you respectfully, take it out, erase it or tell me inmediately to do so, I will do it without questions or delay. It is not my intention to ubduct any material from anybody, I simply wish to tell the world of the atrocities against children, my purpose is to open the eyes of many to that situation. As I am not able to take my own pictures on the matter for obvious reasons, I borrow everybody elses. So you will see pictures and articles taken from Google, sent to me by email or taken out from a newspaper.

A blog to make humans be "humans" and face the fact that our children throughout the planet are been abused, slaved, killed, and terroriced every day with impunity under the eyes of millions.

Hey you! give me my smile back

Hey you! give me my smile back

Friday, November 28, 2008

Girl of the Century

Her eyes are hollow......her look is void.....the expression on her little face is a mask of unbelief, will this be her life? without a day of rest, without a caress hand? In the middle of nowhere she is a girl, a coquetish little creature that braided her hair, maybe an older sister did it at dawn, before going to work.
Her pretty face hidden under dirt, the shovel bigger than her, she is looking at us, she is looking at you, can you answer her questions? Those lips tremble before producing any sound. To whom will she speak her troubles?
She has no hope, she is too tired for thinking, she is a 6 year old girl of the 21st century.


Anonymous said...

life is unfair. really unfair.


Bunc said...

Many children around the world really do have a terrible life. I posted recently on one aspect of this - the problem of children being tortured and killed because they are being accused of witchcraft in Nigeria. A terrible business.

So called Witch children abused in Nigeria