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I am going to publish on this blog everything that comes to me via internet, regular mail or mouth to mouth. I may use a picture or a post that the original author will not like me to publish, please, I ask you respectfully, take it out, erase it or tell me inmediately to do so, I will do it without questions or delay. It is not my intention to ubduct any material from anybody, I simply wish to tell the world of the atrocities against children, my purpose is to open the eyes of many to that situation. As I am not able to take my own pictures on the matter for obvious reasons, I borrow everybody elses. So you will see pictures and articles taken from Google, sent to me by email or taken out from a newspaper.

A blog to make humans be "humans" and face the fact that our children throughout the planet are been abused, slaved, killed, and terroriced every day with impunity under the eyes of millions.

Hey you! give me my smile back

Hey you! give me my smile back

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hunger at it's most

Knowing as we know how the children of many countries live in bounty, how we love and pamper our little ones, how proud we are to show their happy round faces smile, to hear their cheerfull laugh, to see them running and playing around. Can we see this photo without guilt in our hearts? It is not, by any means, that we have to feel less proud of our children or stop to love and pamper them, it is a matter of concience, because if we know that this little creature has no food, no water, no medicine, and ours have more than they really need, why not get involved in some way, any way, and try to stop this unjustice and make the world better balanced?
This child can hardly hold his head up, his ribs pop out, and yet he seems sweetly recieving his mothers care. Some other children do not even have a mother besides them, many are alone, abandoned, forgotten.
Is this the face of the future? He can not cry, has no tears due to his dehidratation, can you cry for him? can you do something now? help the people that are doing their part, can you ? if you can,¡¡¡DO YOUR PART!!!

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baliangel said...

These photos are very disturbing, and I want to not look at them. But, I think that may be one of the problems. People turn away, thinking there is nothing to do. But, this is so wrong. You have to start somewhere, with one or two people, and hopefully more will follow. This is all senseless to me, I cant understand how children are treated this way. I definately dont understand how the adults are standing by letting it go.