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I am going to publish on this blog everything that comes to me via internet, regular mail or mouth to mouth. I may use a picture or a post that the original author will not like me to publish, please, I ask you respectfully, take it out, erase it or tell me inmediately to do so, I will do it without questions or delay. It is not my intention to ubduct any material from anybody, I simply wish to tell the world of the atrocities against children, my purpose is to open the eyes of many to that situation. As I am not able to take my own pictures on the matter for obvious reasons, I borrow everybody elses. So you will see pictures and articles taken from Google, sent to me by email or taken out from a newspaper.

A blog to make humans be "humans" and face the fact that our children throughout the planet are been abused, slaved, killed, and terroriced every day with impunity under the eyes of millions.

Hey you! give me my smile back

Hey you! give me my smile back

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hard work, no pay

Working hours--------16 or 18 hours per day
Working days----------from monday to monday
Time to study---------- 0
Time to play----------- 0
Slaves through their childhood, teenage slaves, slave during youth, if they ever reach manhood, what? Slaves.
And to think we are in the 21st Century. What a shame for humanity, it is a disgrace to watch this situation grow, extend itself, turn away and let it be.
Our own children do not even want to wash the dishes, it is so hard for them.
Our own children are bored, they have so much and yet want more.
And whose children are the rest? the small 5 or 6 years old that have to carry heavy boxes of merchandice that makes the rich richer? Young girls working on a factory day after day, with no rest, no talking allowed, a handfull of rice and maybe a piece of bread? Whose are the children that live on the streets, smelling glue or varnish to be able to keep on, damaging their brains?
If you have a son or a daughter you should be concerned with every boy and girl in this world. It is so easy to look away, to see just as far as the tip of your nose. It is so easy to be deaf, not to hear your concience, to be happy and forget the ones that are crying without hope in their hearts, it is so easy. It is so easy, it is so easy, it is really easy, so do not bother, go on with your world, let the rest see for themselves, it is so hard to help, it is so hard, it is really hard to help.
But ¡NO! I know your are not indifferent, it is only that you do not know how to help. Well......
just talking about it, spreading photos, contacting an ONG, helping any child you see in need on your very own town. I can not help any children in particular because of my age, so I write this blog, I tell the world, and I invite you to do the same. Every time you send an e-mail, say something about children's abuse, about children dying of hunger, start with nothing but your good will and watch yourself grow, watch the concern spread. Let us do it, ¡come on! children are waiting for a ray of hope.

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